BRIKET is a young company, which brought practice of the professionals and advanced technology to theirknowledge. Official opening and production of the first batch - pressed charcoal briquettes were implemented September 1, 2012.

Our fast growing company specialized in the production of coal briquettes and heating furnaces and boilers and also it is engaged in the subsequent realization of the finished product. Production assets are located 78 km from the capital in Angren.

The idea of ​​creating this production came after the founders of the study of leadership and joint venture energy market of Uzbekistan. Based on the results of the study it had become clear that there was a great need for solid fuel and has the potential to establish a business in manufacturing cost and at the same time environmentally friendly solid fuel with high heat in the market.

We are working to ensure the population and industrial sector with the products which are produced. Mission of the enterprise has been developed basing on the direction of the work.

The company's mission is to provide a warm house and increase efficiency in the industrial sector.

You will get quality products at affordable prices and a full consultation of using briquettes, stoves and boilers working with our company.

- The company is unique in its segment for the production of charcoal briquettes weighing about 3kg, it is the optimal weight for maximum heat transfer, which makes the company's products to be in high demand and competitive. Despite the fact that the JV ANGREN KO'MIR BRIKET is still a young player in the market, today the company already has an extensive customer base but the management does not intend to stop there. Today, the majority of customers are the residents and the representatives of business organizations of Fergana Valley. The company plans to increase in coverage in the next year and it is going to sell the products in the 12 regions and Karakalpakstan in 2013.

The main line of the company is to match the product standards and quality. Therefore, the company constantly monitors manufactured goods on characteristics, moisture resistance and hardiness standards that will raise the energy efficiency of coal briquettes.

In order to match the chosen principle of quality products, the factory has modern high-tech line from leading Korean manufacturer of press machines and other equipment.


Coal mine was one more modern plant in Angren, September 1, 2012.There is a new complex on the place of abandoned and dilapidated industrial building. Overhaul lasted about four months, subject to all the rules and specifics of the JV ANGREN KO'MIR BRIKET. Today the company is a modern factory, with high-tech equipment and the most modern production methods briquetted coal stoves and boilers. Today, the plant is a modern building and facilities where concentrated production facilities, warehouse and office space.

It is necessary to emphasize the development of the project and the choice of technology. Important role was played by the environmental component. Therefore, the production of coal briquettes, stoves and boilers includes compliance with all laws and regulations in the industry, not to harm the environment. Moreover, besides the fact that the plant does not cause any harm to the environment, its work involves the use of industrial waste of the industry - coal dust, which is not suitable for any other processes.

In the production process coal dust clears from metal impurities using a powerful magnet for the first stage, followed by briquetting process, followed by pressing under high pressure. And after pressing on the belt appear ready coal briquettes, which each of them can provide heat for about three hours.

There was created 50 new jobs with the opening of the plant, and the design of a lot of attention paid to the creation of good working conditions for personnel comfort and high performance. One of the principles of the enterprise is to work according to high quality standards. And on this basis it was conducted a serious analysis of the potential suppliers and the choice was made in favor of Korean manufacturers, which is appreciated all around the world.

- Coal mining production is associated with the formation of considerable amounts of waste, which can reach a third of the total catch. In this way the plant for the production of coal briquettes from coal waste need not be disposed of or stored somewhere, the production of coal briquetting coal industry exempt from this problem and at the same time frees the land from the waste, thus improving the environmental situation in the industrial zone. Thus, the plant built in the town of Angren, fully meet the standards of environmental safety.

Plant capacity currently stands at about 1 million bricks and 3 thousand tons per month working a shift. But in the case of increasing needs of customers, the plant can be operated in three shifts, which consequently increase production. Given that the company's management adopted a policy to increase the geographical coverage and it is planning to sell products all over the country, in the near future power briquette line is planned to double by purchasing additional equipment.


The fact is that data have been obtained on large deposits of coal in the village Dzhigiristan in 1932, and it was the first brick that was laid in the foundation of the city of Angren. For the first it was not a city and town, and it was called differently - Angrenshahtstroy. Only five years later it became a town with that name, which is called today. The town is not far from the capital, on the left side of the valley Akhangaran just 78 km southeast of Tashkent, but the road could not be routed directly, so to get to the studio that the road will have to drive about 114 miles on a big highway Tashkent - Kokand, which is the relationship between the Fergana valley and the rest of Uzbekistan. There is a railway station in Angren , which is positive for the cargo transportation and logistics.

The reservoir began start-up operations in late November, which would give the opportunity to know the launch of the small hydro power plant. It will produce up to 66.5 million kilowatts per hour. The supplier of equipment for hydro power plants made China National Corporation for electrical CNEEC.

Angren is a center of the coal industry, which produces more than 3 million tons of coal annually, and it was about 4.28 million tons in 2012. At the same time, thanks to the modernization of the coal industry by 2021 this figure will increase to four times. Angren is located between Chatkal and East Ridge Kurama on the river Ahangaran, sometimes the river called as “Angren”. This river is a right tributary of the Syr Darya and the beginning it is put two of two rivers, and it was formed Akhangaran river at the confluence of them. Almost half a century ago near the town was built Ahangaran reservoir, it is the main source of water and served as a river. This was done in order to protect the incision from the floods, which happened during the flood.

There is a high concentration of industrial enterprises in Angren. Potential of the town is not limited to the coal industry, also there are operate plants producing cement, paper products, cardboard, ceramic products, and there is the machine building, chemical and metallurgical food segments of the economy in Angren. In addition there is a gold mine Angren.

- The President of Uzbekistan signed a decree "On the establishment of a special industrial zone Angren" on April 13, 2012. The purpose of the decree is to create favorable conditions to attract foreign and domestic investment for creating modern high-tech industries, which will provide manufacturing and production of competitive products, as well as integrated and effective use of production and resource potential of Tashkent region. Creation of a special industrial zone "Angren", also have a positive impact on the social component of the city. Launch new businesses involves the creation of new jobs, which will increase the income. And this is very important in the social aspect, given that the population of the Angren is more than 100 thousand people.

According to the decree, the term of operation of PPE "Angren" will be 30 years, with the possibility of extension. During this time in the special industrial zone will operate a special tax regime and customs benefits, as well as simplified the entry, stay and exit permits for employment non-resident citizens of Uzbekistan.


Angren coal mine is the largest coal deposits in Uzbekistan. Indicators are already proven reserves of coal amount to about 1.9 billion tons. For the first time information about the availability of coal in this field were obtained in 1932, this date may be called the starting point in the history of coal mine, which is considered one of the largest fields in the entire Central Asian region. Angren coal mine is the flagship of the country's coal industry. There is accounted for around 85% of the total amount of solid fuel in Uzbekistan.

- Coal mining in the context of the Angren was started in 1941, when it was adopted a resolution "On the construction of a coal mine in the Angren coal basin." The volume of produced coal totaled 15 thousand tons this year. The beginning of extracting coal in Angren was the beginning of the formation and development of the coal industry in our country.

Today coal is in two ways, open pit and underground. Apart from him, the field is also rich in kaolin, limestone, silica sand and loam. Moreover, the largest kaolin reserves are concentrated in the complex field Angren brown coal. Unenriched kaolin reserves are 382.4 million tons. Scope of the primary and secondary kaolin is extensive; they are used as a raw material for the production of cement and other building materials, and for a wide range of ceramic products. The most it is economically justified extraction of secondary and gray mottled kaolin, they produced associated with the coal in the total amount of up to 5 million tones. This is enough to fully meet the republic in the form of rocks, consisting mainly of the mineral kaolin.

It should say that three coal deposit Angren, Shargun and Baysun operate in Uzbekistan today, but if the last two are located in the Surkhandarya, Kashkadarya, coal is mined, the Angren coal mine is only a storehouse of brown coal in the country. In contrast to Angren extraction is carried out only by underground methods in Shargun and Baysun fields. It is particularly looked at the depth of coal when choosing the way to mine minerals,. If the depth is not more than 100 meters, the development is done as open ways as in the Angren coal mine. There operates underground mine at the same time which is working out with layers of underground gasification, while people also get combustible gas.

It has been conducted extensive work on modernization of the country's largest Angren coal mine, including with the involvement of foreign investors in the process recently in Uzbekistan. Modernization involves the introduction of advanced technologies in the production of coal and the replacement of technically obsolete equipment with new ones using innovative and energy-saving options. Also technology of the overburden is changing while coal production increased by half, which is about 6.4 million tons per year. As before, the main focus in the extraction of coal is on the coal mine "Angren" in the country. Increase in the overall production figures will be made just through the field and the prospect is seen in the open method of mining coal.


Coal briquettes are well-priced products, which can solve the problem of lack of heat as in the workplace and for home heating. Therefore, the activity of the plant designed to meet the needs of physical and legal persons.

- This product manufactured by a special process with the physical and mechanical properties of coal in the plant ANGREN KO'MIR BRIKET. The enterprise has developed a proprietary technology that maximizes heat transfer. In this case, after the combustion of the coal briquette fully retains its shape and can be re-used for other purposes. Regular customers have shared with us, which is successfully used charcoal briquette after combustion as a building material fence or non-residential buildings.

Coal briquette has many advantages: for the first, the burning time is three times longer and the heat transfer is the same throughout the entire combustion process, so energy efficiency in the context of time above 300 percent. Second, after using them, briquettes leave little ash and there are no harmful inorganic contaminants. The performance characteristic of the coal briquettes in no way inferior to conventional coal, and in some ways coal briquette even exceeds coal.

Coal briquettes have a lot of advantages. Judge for yourself: our factory does not use adhesives and chemical additives in producing of coal and fuel briquettes, so our product meets all environmental standards and when they are used properly preclude the application of any adverse health effects. Moreover, the duration of heat coal briquette is about three hours and taking into account the cost of production, it is a very beneficial way of energy solid fuel. The caloric value of coal, i.e. briquettes its calorific value is very high: 1800-5490 ksal / KG.

Experts predict that need for coal briquettes may increase in the near future, but it is now apparent growing popularity of this type of fuel, taking into account the ease of use and relatively low cost in Uzbekistan, easy to explain.


It has long been known to mankind that getting heat from solid fuel is coal. But our ancestors used to heat the coal in pure form while making stupid design to have less soot, odor, ash, etc. Today the situation has changed significantly. First, using of charcoal briquettes for heating is more profitable than other solid fuels. Secondly, the market offers effective technological solutions. In particular, the range of products provided by the company ANGREN KO'MIR BRIKET also includes furnaces and boilers. These devices provide complex engineering space heating and hot water by burning coal briquettes. The main advantages of these systems are not only in a reasonable price but also the autonomy, it is completely independent of outside sources of heat and electricity.

The company offers its customers a wide range of furnaces and boilers, depending on the specific needs of the customer. For instance, if you need to heat a small area, there is a stove and that is enough to lay all three briquettes and it will ensure uninterrupted heat for five, six hours but this is suitable for small rooms up to 30 m2. If heat is required for large-area building or structure, there are two other models of furnaces that can provide a warm area to 40 and 120 m2. For this kind of heaters need more briquettes 4 and 9, respectively but also the duration of combustion will be increased to seven, eight hours. And taking into account the cost of furnaces and briquettes, this type of heating is very beneficial.

- In those circumstances, where hot water is not possible to draw, boilers will help solve the problem which also makes our enterprise. This unit, which is also fully self-contained can function as a space heating, can also be used to heat water. We can also offer you three models of boilers, which differ only in the size and duration of supply heat and hot water for one-time laying coal briquettes. Thus, the most powerful of them can heat a room of about 400 m2.

Important role in the selection of furnaces and boilers should be paid to the manufacturer and suppliers. In our company, the assemblies of these devices are used parts from the best manufacturers of the Republic of Korea.

  • Products

    Furnace 3/9

    The amount pledged coal briquettes 9 pieces. Heated area: 90m2. The size of the oven: 645h455mm.

  • Products

    Furnace 1/3

    The amount pledged coal briquettes: 3 pieces. Heated area: 30m2. The size of the oven: 600h320mm.

  • Products

    Furnace 1/4

    The amount pledged coal briquettes: 4 pieces. Heated area: 40m2. The size of the oven: 750h320mm.

  • Products

    Boiler 1/3

    The amount pledged coal briquettes: 3 pieces. Heating. area: 100m2. The size of the oven: 740h375mm.

  • Products

    Boiler 3/9

    The amount pledged coal briquettes 9 pieces. Heating. area: 200m2. The size of the oven: 810h550mm.

  • Products

    Boiler 4/16

    The amount pledged coal briquettes: 16 pieces. Heating. area: 380m2. The size of the oven: 970h690mm.


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